Marrakech Team Building


When team members enjoy an activity together, they become a more effective unit, as their human relations grow stronger. For that reason, we strive to create unique Marrakech team building activities to create unforgettable moments.

MOROCCO DMC’s team is at constant lookout for new fun-filled team building ideas here in Marrakech in order to bring out the best of your delegates.

Cultural tours, Marrakech Medina treasure hunt, wine tasting sessions, cooking Challenges, painting competitions, rallies, rescue operations in the desert, 4×4 self-drive adventures in the Atlas Mountains and visits to the UNESCO World Heritage City Souks for a bargaining challenge. These are only a few of the Marrakech team building and leisure activities that will be available to you.

As you can already see, our programs combine discovery, culture and sports and will help your team take their collaborative, communication and problem-solving skills to the next level.