Marrakech Team Building ideas


It is known worldwide that Marrakech is one of the most beautiful and exotic cities in the world . That’s why choosing Marrakesh as a destination for a team building can never be a bad idea. And with Morocco DMC  you can be sure that your team building experience will be a unique one.
We are constantly working on coming up with  new team building activities that incorporate a Moroccan touch and which will promote communication , collaboration and trust within your team .
The following are some of the team building activities that your Morocco DMC offers you in your next incentive or conference in Marrakech:

Marrakech Medina treasure hunt:

Marrakech Medina treasure hunt isn’t your typical treasure hunt activity ; we won’t limit ourselves to hiding objects and clues, we will also offer you the possibility to enter local  houses ,and we’ll give you access to local olive shops , local craftsmen shops , and  orange juice stalls in Jamaa Elfna Square in order to test your team’s selling skills, and to make it even more fun we’ll give you the opportunity to run your own show in Jamaa Elfna square .

Bargaining challenge:

This team building activity will put your team’s negotiating skills into test . They will be asked to purchase a specific item at the lowest price possible in the Souks of the old medina of Marrakesh.

4×4 self drive rally:

Looking forward for a little bit of adventure ? Morocco DMC’s 4×4 self drive rally team building activity will give you that and more. We will provide you and your team members with a compass, GPS, maps, Talky Willkie radio units  and a customized road book.. We will also include exclusive rescue missions in the desert to test you team’s courage and determination , paint ball activities in a Berber village for extra fun and if that still doesn’t do it for you we will spice things up by taking you and your team to “ Les Terres d’Amanar” “ zip wires” and “accro park”.

Cooking challenge:

If there’s anything that Morocco is known for it would be its delicious cuisine. This cooking challenge will give your delegates the opportunity to discover Moroccan cuisine and make their own version of it; the meals they’ll have to prepare include Tagines, Moroccan salads ,pastillas, Couscous and more .They will also have to buy all the needed ingredients themselves at local markets .The challenge should take place in a Marrakech Medina Riad or inside a farm at the outskirts of Marrakech depending on the group size.

Donkey Polo

The Donkey polo game makes it on our top team building activities list because first: it is a team sport that promotes team work and collaboration and second: its fun nature appeals to almost everyone.

The activities listed above are just some team building activities Morocco DMC offers. Don’t hesitate to challenge us with your own requests and ideas, and we’ll make sure to incorporate them in your next Marrakesh team building.

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